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It is the era of exploration in Carca, the island contintent. Four friends decide to test their luck in trying to find ancient ruins, treasure and artifacts. What they will find will change their lives for... at least the 10 next hours!

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-> Travel through the colorful continent of Carca. Visit towns, villages, castles, caves, dungeons, dreams and more!

-> Meet Cyrus the adventurous explorer, Myrella the bashful witch, Jonathan the bookworm White Magic Cleric or something and Donna the powerful warrior! Have patience with them... they are cynic and a bit crazy!

-> Engaging story with much lore and information about The Deal's world. Find out about the Otherworld and the demons, the Ancients and the Gods.

-> Find and recruit followers to aid you throughout your adventures, while they stay at your own personal camp (it's like a secret base). Merchants, activity holders, entrepreneurs, plain citizens and others await your epic feats to justify their moving in!

-> Battle with monsters by using a plethora of weapons, armor and magic spells. Some you can buy, some you may find during your quests. Some are of epic rarity and some are just common.

-> Visible on-map enemies. Only some random encounters that will be out of the way. Just for the people that don't feel powerful enough.

-> Take on many side quests, instanced and traditional, by travelling to new places or revisiting places you already have. Get your rewards, get your experience points!

-> Recurring quests, that will be coming back every once in a while, in case you didn't find enough experience or items, which is rather unlikely!

-> Many puzzles and enigmas for the adventure loving explorers.

-> Defeat the powerful and dorky antagonists and put an end to their evil schemes. Can you withstand their power?

-> Find your way through dungeons by solving puzzles and defeating the on-map enemies with the traditional turn based battle system.

-> Gameplay time of many hours, depending on your exploration prowess and previous turn based RPG experience..


Secrets? New dungeons? Ancient artifacts that let your characters use extra abilities so that you can reach previously unreachable places? More bosses? Rooms with treasure? Well... who knows!? Explore and you shall be rewarded!

Demo Version

The Demo version of The Deal contains one fully explorable, exclusive dungeon, maybe a secret or two - who knows? It also has some nice loot, a puzzle you can solve and a boss battle. It contains some elements of the story, as well.

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This game was made with RPG MAKER MV, software created by KADOKAWA CORPORATION ENTERBRAIN and published by Degica.

The .exe file you will be downloading doesn't require installation. The first time it will open, though, will need some time to actually start. After the first time, it will be starting quickly, so... be patient please!


>08/02/2017: Updated. New coloration for monsters and every opponent is now more powerful, so that they will pose some challenge. Fixed lagging/hiccups while travelling on map. Fixed in-battle slowness.
>25/11/2016: Updated to version 1.3.2, fixing some skills, adding Donna's Shield Skills and Mace equipping, which were absent in older versions. Fixed the Spell Books to actually not be usable on Donna. Added a book with some information about the battle style of each character. Added Animations when the player opens a Treasure Chest (item). Moved the savefiles to a different folder, so that if somebody played a previous version, they will not be able to continue their progress in the newer version. This was done like this, in order to not break the database. This update was done so that the Demo would be closer to the actual game gameplaywise, with correct skills and items.
>05/11/2016: Updated to version 1.2.0, fixing some animations, renamed and buffed some monsters, fixed some lag issues on an Imp spawn, fixed saving and loading issues, added some more torches and added a splash screen before the main menu. This is going to be the last update for the demo. We are focusing on the main game from now on.
>24/10/2016: Updated to version 1.1.0, fixing pathing glitches in the anti-gravitational pads puzzle and some minor spelling mistakes.

Visit our website orfeasgamestudio.com

Find us on twitter Orfeas Game Studio

Install instructions

Install the game normally as you would with any piece of software. Uninstall it from your control panel. 

The links in the game will get you to our site. If clicked, they do not interrupt the game; they open a tab that will lead you to it, but they may take some time to load the first page. The full game does not contain any links and is a traditional installer.


The Deal - Demo.exe 99 MB


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I love love loved it! More exploration and less fighting exactly what I want from my RPGs!


Good Job I can't wait for the full version :)